Orange Box Fitness’ first-ever virtual fitness challenge runs from Oct. 24 through Dec. 17, 2022. The program is designed to allow participants of any age, fitness level and background to exercise within the privacy of their own home, at the gym, or truly anywhere and anytime they want. This is an experience built on the same framework that has already been successful in changing the lives of thousands of people from all walks of life, such as busy parents, hard working professionals, students, the elderly, and more.

Company founder, Jon Barton said, “As a team, we came to the conclusion that it is no longer acceptable to hear people say ‘I’ve tried everything to lose weight but I’m still overweight.’ Our position is that partial solutions, extreme diets, fad diets, and weight loss hacks are making the problem worse. There simply are no shortcuts or quick fixes that are safe or sustainable for the rest of your life.”

Barton continued, “We have a proven formula that has helped thousands of people stay on track and make lasting changes. With the tools we provide in the Orange Box delivered right to your home and the coaching and inspiration we provide in our live coaching sessions, we give you the entire step-by-step framework that people have paid thousands of dollars for- and we do it at a fraction of the cost.”

The challenge, delivered daily inside a private Facebook group, includes live coaches, workouts, meal planning, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Registered Dietician, mindset coaching, and more. Participants will receive their own Orange Box delivered to their door containing tools that go along with the challenge. Challengers can expect to receive unlimited, all-inclusive support and resources from our enthusiastic fitness coaches, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Registered Dietician, and the tools that are delivered in the Orange Box. Participants can choose to join in live on Facebook, or they can join in at their convenience with unlimited replays.

The cost is 8 payments of $40 paid weekly by automatic payments. Participants can also pay in full with a one time payment of $320. After this, they can access all subsequent challenges for free. Sign-up begins on Oct. 13 and ends on Oct. 22. Participants must enroll by Oct. 16 to guarantee delivery of the Orange Box by the start date.

Orange Box Fitness is a live, 8-week virtual fitness challenge that uses a combination of the science of fitness, nutrition and mindset to provide customers with the support they need to make a series of shifts in identity and behavior that will lead them to transformation. For more information or questions on the program and to meet the Orange Box team, visit our website.

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