Motusi has enabled a hybrid telehealth solution that allows professionals to extend their view of their patient/athlete performance beyond the clinic to optimize care.

Motusi Corporation, a Digital Health Platform company on the mission to democratize movement healthcare, presented to the United Nations at the UNGA77. Motusi’s newest offerings align with the conference’s mission to Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages.”

The Motusi Platform consists of engineered motion-sensing athletic wear, a full-body AI-enabled sensor network, an immersive mobile app featuring a Digital Twin in augmented reality, and cloud-based data and AI services. The platform is revolutionizing patient assessment, performance compliance, and personalized care for movement professionals and their athletes. The Motusi Platform is designed to be used in any training environment—the clinic, the gym, at home, or in the field.

Designed in partnership with Bosch Sensortec and RBVC’s Open Bosch Program Team, Motusi’s “on body area network” provides 5000 movement data points per second, and is revolutionizing movement detection by capturing data continuously and contextually while translating insights on performance anywhere, anytime!  Motusi measures what matters.

Motusi is the first of its kind to deliver this level of movement health insights. Motusi has built a full-stack AI platform, which allows them to intelligently collect data at its origin, meaning on the body. They also can learn from the data, making the technology revolutionary in terms of performance assessment, prediction, and injury recovery.

Motusi is driving a new paradigm in access to movement health insight/information/data. With easy-to-understand 3D insights, movement professionals can make quick and reliable data-driven decisions when working with their athletes and patients.

Martin Curley, Chair UNGA 77 Digital Health Symposium and Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation HSE, and Professor at National University of Ireland – Maynooth Ireland, of MOTUSI, said in a statement:

“Motusi’s innovative approach to capturing movement data for patients using a novel body area network creates the opportunity for physiotherapists and other clinicians to provide better care to patients and importantly could bring a new level of empowerment to allow patients to understand, own, and act on their health data. We could be witnessing the birth of a 6th Vital sign – movement science health.”

Motusi is currently piloting its new platform with professional trainers, physical therapists, occupational health experts, athletes, movement science professionals, hospitals, and more. If you are interested in getting early access, you can sign up at

For more information regarding Motusi’s Platform and the technology, you can reach out to Marc Alexander at