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“The Footlocker: A Family’s Journey Out of Poverty” is a shared memoir by Francie Mae, a young girl who grew up in a poverty with her family. Her family lived in extreme poverty for the duration of her childhood. She and her family frequently moved in search of better opportunities. The footlocker, their constant companion, always moved with them. This story will inspire us on how their family survived and successfully been out of poverty.

The story follows Francie Mae’s family. Her father served in the Army during WWII. He placed his hopes and dreams in his military footlocker. Her mother as she described is a very stoic woman and stood for what she believed in. They are seven in the family, Francie Mae was the last child and was born in the charity hospital. They lived in extreme poverty during childhood, however, throughout their journey, their parents helped them understand the world around them. They had many conversations around the pot belly stove that sat in the middle of their shack. Before each conversation, their father carefully opened the lid of his old Army footlocker and thoughtfully chose a book to discuss. Their parents are their first mentors and teachers and both are exemplary Christians. Her father’s faith assured him that the hopes and dreams of his family would one day be fulfilled.

This work of art was chronologically written from their life way back when Francie Mae and her siblings were young and in poverty dealing with oppression but eventually survived with the help of their parents. The author is now the keeper of the footlocker where treasured items can be found along with memories and lessons. “I share my family’s footlocker with you so that you will have a blueprint of how to survive life’s most unspeakable and unexpected circumstances with morals, dignity, and integrity.”

This worth-to-read book is a must to share with family and friends.

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The Footlocker: A Family’s Journey Out of Poverty

Written by Frances Hewlett Morris

Published by Proisle Publishing Service

Published date: July 22, 2022

Paperback Price: $17.99

About the Author:

Frances Hewlett Morris was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She grew up in extreme poverty in the segregated South during the Civil Rights Era. She is a graduate of Tennessee State University where she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

She began her professional career as a registered nurse at a teaching hospital dedicated to serving the vulnerable and underserved population. She continued her studies and earned a Master’s degree in Health Law at Champlain College.

She is a retired military officer and health care leader for a Fortune 100 company. After retiring, she began researching the reasons for poverty in the United States. Her goal is to help empower others to escape the debilitating clutches of poverty. She created a blog, Francie Mae’s Journey, and wrote her first book, The Tangled Web: A little girl’s struggle to overcome racism and poverty. She was inspired to write her second book, The Footlocker: A family’s journey out of poverty, to honor her parents, George Hewlett II, and Charlotte Wallace Hewlett.

Faith, family, and fun are important to her. She is a mother, grandmother, sibling, and widow. She loves to laugh out loud, dance lively, travel, and enjoy life’s adventures.