New version of 3D Pedestrian Network dataset made free to public


     The Lands Department announced today (September 30) that the new version of the 3D Pedestrian Network dataset is now available to the public for free.


     In line with the smart city development to promote walkability and connectivity, the Lands Department published the Network covering all the built-up areas of Hong Kong in December 2020. The new version of the Network has been extended to cover major hiking trails inside country parks and major footpaths inside villages with the following key characteristics:


  1. The 37 hiking trails with a total length over 470 kilometres inside country parks are linked up to the distance posts. Members of the public and application developers can create cross-section profiles to estimate levels of difficulty and plan routes by making use of the three-dimensional feature of the Network via application programs; and


  1. Routes from major footpaths inside villages to nearby community facilities (e.g. playgrounds, village offices and public toilets) or public transport facilities (e.g. bus stops and piers) are provided to assist users. 


     ​The new version of the 3D Pedestrian Network dataset in FGDB, GML and GeoJSON formats is now available for viewing and free download on the Hong Kong GeoData Store ( and the Public Sector Information Portal (