The promising Pop music artist from Perth, talented O’Neill Fernandes is back again with brand new music that is making the audience groove with the beats.

Willetton, Perth Sep 26, 2022 (  – Versatility is extremely needed yet missing from several artists of this generation. This hard-to-find quality can be seen in the Pop music artist O’Neill Fernandes who has returned to the industry with brand new music. He has recently released a brand new album titled ‘Classic Rock…Vol.8’ which includes several hits such as ‘Pretend’ and ‘Can The Can’ which are now out on SoundCloud. The album, ‘Classic Rock…Vol.8’ is a cover album that is a continuation of his hit series of cover tracks.

This album contains classic rock hits from a wide range of times from 1953 to 2012. A total of 20 cover tracks are present in the album, all of which have their themes and alluring compositions. The tracks are covered with such mastery that they are making people come down to the dance floor and groove with the beats. The track, ‘Pretend’ was originally written in 1952 by Dan Belloc, Lew Douglas, Cliff Parman, and Frank Levere. The song came into the limelight in the next year, 1953 by the infamous Nat King Cole.

This Pop music artist from Perth has made the upbeat version of it with some added elements which kept the originality yet took it to another level. This artistry of O’Neill Fernandes is also seen in another track titled ‘Can The Can’ which was released in 1973 and was a single of Suzi Quatro, the American singer-songwriter. There are also other popular rock classics that the artist has covered and included in this album such as ‘All Summer Long (Sweet Home Alabama)’, ‘You Can Do Magic’, ‘Drive By’, and ‘San Francisco Bay’ which are all available along with his other albums on SoundCloud. For further updates, followers can follow him on Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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