We all grieve in our own unique ways. Some people indulge in food, wine, travel, and new experiences, while others spend all of their time working. Each of us will respond in a different way to the sorrow of grieving, which makes it a genuinely unique personal experience.

However, many people find that writing helps them deal with their sorrow. The act of writing can bring about a lot of happiness and calm. It is a method of expression that compels the writer to bare all on the page, enabling the suffering they feel to manifest itself in lovely words. “Poems on the Path” by Dr. Ruey Ryburn is a lovely anthology that takes us on a moving journey into how one comprehends loss and suffering.

The book is a collection of poems and lectures that demonstrate how it assisted the author in coping with her grief after the death of her daughter. We are truly brought closer to her feelings for her child by her poetry, which takes us to a spiritual place. She also dealt with subjects like her trust in God and her sad marriage. She knew complete submission to God as a believer. She realized that in order to deal with her daughter’s illness and eventual passing, she must rely only on God.

“Poems on the Path” reveals the innermost thoughts of a woman who was motivated not only by suffering and loss but above all, by faith in God. She discovered the Sacred Path Healing School with the aid of her faith; its lectures are also included in the book. A book that portrays the beauty of life and love in words while also capturing life is introduced to us along with stunning photos.

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“Poems on the Path”

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: January 2022

Genre: Poetry

Target Audience: Adults

About the Author

Dr. Ruey Ryburn is the founder of Sacred Path Healing School, a three year program encompassing spiritual awakening, processing, meditation, and healing. She is a retired nursing professor from the University of Hawaii, a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and a grandmother and dog lover. Ruey grew up on a family farm in Illinois which gave her a deep love of Mother Earth. She has lived in Hawaii for 50 years which has integrated her sense of Father, Mother God. She is a minister in SHES (spiritual healers and earth stewards), a practicing energy healer, and very involved as the director of Sacred Path Healing—now in its 20th year of operation.