It’s Cold Blooded. The real Rick James story is here.

The only quiet thing known about Rick James was when he was in sleep mode or his unspoken acts of benevolence. Listening to interviews of former band mates of Rick James sparked the interest of Ascended Motion Pictures, Inc. (AMPI) to produce a bio pic of the artist. The feature film is now in development and being aggressively fast-tracked to preproduction.

It’s been said timing is everything, and AMPI tends to agree as they think it is fantastic that the Rick James track, “Super Freak,” has recently been reintroduced by the artist known as Nicki Minaj. Talks are on the table with two undisclosed studios; one of the two has already made a leap of financial faith maneuvering that AMPI believes looks very welcoming. How this cagey invite gets to be completed is a race, as it’s actually two major bio pics that are in the war chest of AMPI.

The Grammy award-winning, Motown recording artist and author, the late Rick James had an electrified music career spanning over twenty years. James was dubbed the Master of Pfunk and knew no limits promoting other rock concerts during his musical muse. Rick James recorded music with Neil Young at one time that has yet to be spoken for. Now might be a good time.

“Ascended Motion Pictures, Inc. is the new avant-garde in cinema,” says Chairman Reed Richards.

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