Watch the Colorado Electronic Artist fly high with his extraordinary musical profligacy. The Psybrid is compelling the world to fall for his radiant craft.

Colorado Springs, Colorado Sep 13, 2022 (  – With the melodious infusion of gripping musical styles along with enchanting sounds, The Psybrid has always been eclectic when it comes to his music. Being from Denver, United States, he always has been one of the most powerful artists delivering some consuming music in his own unique ways. With years of experience, he has managed to keep his enigma along with his unyielding charms through his tracks. From widely enjoyable dark-themed notions to some universal ways of revealing a song, he has incorporated various traits in his tracks, and his unique ways have paid back this versatile artist.

Born Wesley, Psybrid always wanted to make sure that his music has edge and gripping qualities. His song ‘Implant’ can make you aware of his sharpened ways of making a song, while his song ‘Mindwipe’ delivers a different sort of flavors. This Colorado Electronic Artist has been through some rough patches in his life but he always turned his struggles into this elevating music that can connect people with the notion he is speaking through music. From the electronic supremacy to his haunting musical styles have some gothic flavors to it which makes the entire experience to the next extent.

In his elaborative music catalog he has offered gripping tracks like ‘Rabbit ears’, ‘In Ever’, ‘Cultivate’, and ‘Necromanteion’. His music has some enlightening charms and it will surely make an inspiring impression on the mind of its listeners. The Psybrid is an artist of the mass; his music has the power to interact with its listeners to a cosmic level where words don’t always matter. His music seems like poetry and these charms have made his music elevate the concept of superficial music. All of his works including ‘Implant’, and ‘Mindwipe’ are available on SoundCloud and YouTube; he is also available on Facebook, Vimeo, and his official website.

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