Long Island-based FinTech Company Continues to Offer Its Employees a Fun and Dynamic Work Environment

National Business Capital, the leading FinTech platform, has announced that they’ve won the #1 Top Workplace award for 2022, marking the fourth consecutive year they’ve won the honor. The yearly competition, sponsored by Dan’s Papers, puts businesses from all over Long Island against each other to determine who has the most engaging company culture. Although there are hundreds of excellent businesses with contagious cultures on Long Island, the judges ultimately decided to choose National as the winner, and the team couldn’t be prouder.

National also won the #1 Top Workplace award in 2019, 2020, and 2021. The National Business Capital team underwent the “Delivering Happiness” program—an educational seminar designed to educate leaders and teams on how to cultivate a workplace culture that impacts employees on a personal level, which extends into the way the organization performs as a business. The team used their findings to create an environment where employees can be themselves, succeed, and, more importantly, reach their full potential.

Dan’s Papers’ uses surveys from National’s employees to make their decision, among other factors. The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with team members citing their state-of-art headquarters, out-of-office team-building events, community service opportunities, and comprehensive employee benefits package as reasons why National deserves the honor. Another common theme within the surveys was the contagious culture, leadership team, and focus on both personal and professional growth in every corner of the workplace.

“There’s nothing like our team,” says Camberato “Our mission of ‘Driving Growth for All’ isn’t just for our clients; It’s also for our team, and we take every opportunity to enrich their lives and ensure that they’re on a path toward success and continued growth.”

It’s true, too. According to the employees, National has an internal culture team that helps ensure culture is intact and that the office environment aligns with its core values. They’re responsible for a number of different initiatives, including team-building events and recreational activities both in and out of the office. The culture team also takes every opportunity to celebrate success, achievements, and special occasions in the office, decorating for birthdays, holidays, and accomplishments whenever possible.

“Nine years at National, and I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day yet. We pay close attention to detail, and that means we always make the small things count; they matter. Being a part of a team where the ceiling has only got higher is super motivating to keep going!” says Josh Gold, Success Coach at National.

The company is at a pivotal moment in its history. They’re beginning to enter a continuous growth mode—tripling their team over the coming months. If you’re looking to work in Long Island’s “Top Workplace,” they’re looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated people to join their team.

While National remains a leader in the FinTech industry, its clients agree that the personalized service and award-winning team set them apart from the automated messages of the competition. The company has 1,800+ 5-star reviews across TrustPilot, four consecutive “Top Workplace” wins, consistently gives back to the local community through philanthropy events, and, on top of all that, has secured $2 billion in funding through 25,000 transactions for entrepreneurs both locally and across our amazing country. If you’re looking for competitive financing options to support your business’s growth, you can count on National to get you where you want to be, especially with a team like theirs.

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