FieldLogix launches a new DVIR as part of its award-winning Field Resource Management platform. With the new DVIR feature, drivers can perform both pre-trip and post-trip inspections on their vehicles to ensure that they are in good operating condition. The results of these inspections are available in the FieldLogix portal for fleet managers to review.

The new mobile DVIR includes:

– A 14 point vehicle inspection checklist

– Pictures or notes required for failed inspection points

– Driver eSignature certification

– Reports of each inspection in the FieldLogix portal

Fleet drivers historically use paper-based vehicle inspection forms to report vehicle safety issues. By using paper, the data is not immediately available to the fleet manager, which often causes delays with critical safety repairs. This can lead to higher repair costs, costly accidents, and fines. The new DVIR feature is designed to capture the vehicle inspection data electronically and get the results to the fleet manager in a more timely manner.

“More fleets have been operating remotely over the past few years,” says company President, Yukon Palmer. “Since these employees rarely return to the office, paper-based vehicle inspection forms are no longer practical. We are launching the vehicle inspection feature to help fleets digitize their vehicle inspections to ensure that critical issues are being reported to fleet managers immediately.”

The DVIR feature is a new addition to the Goose driver application, which also includes features such as a free mobile time clock, a dispatching application, ETA alerts, and dispatcher messaging. It is an add-on module and is available to fleets within the award-winning Field Resource Management platform.

Learn more about the new DVIR vehicle inspection app here.

FieldLogix was founded in 2002 and has been providing its Field Resource Management solution to companies worldwide for over 20 years. Its customers are typically in the commercial & residential services, government, and construction industries.

It is the first company in the telematics industry to adopt Artificial Intelligence to help fleets improve driver safety.

The company has won several awards for innovation and growth. This includes being recognized as one of the 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management providers, winning the IoT Breakthrough award, among several other awards.

The company’s focus is on providing its customers with an innovative solution to help improve their operations and backing it up with a superior customer experience.

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