The new album, “All The Earth Will Mourn,” by musician/composer/producer Brian Eaton is out now on digital platforms via his label, Eatin’ Records. The album explores jazz fusion in new directions creating a tapestry of emotion and expectation with creative interpolations of nuance and rhythm and is influenced by the fusion and prog rock music Eaton embraced as a young musician.

Seven-Time Grammy winner Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group) raved, “’All The Earth Will Mourn’ is a beautiful sounding album that will take its listeners on a wonderful musical ride they’ll be happy they made. The concept, compositions and orchestrations, as well as the playing and recording, are all first-rate. Congratulations Brian and Bravo!!!” And Jazz violinist pioneer and icon Jean-Luc Ponty proclaimed, “I really enjoyed listening to Brian’s new album. The ambient element in his music made me feel good right from the beginning of the first track, like an escape from all the stressful events we are living through on planet earth. I also like his choice of sounds and the whole production concept. Well done!”

World of Jazz noted, “A variety of influences in play on Brian Eaton’s new album, ‘All The Earth Will Mourn.’” While Duane Williams of WWOZ Jazz radio called Eaton, “An amazing composer and artist.”

Eaton remarks, “The vision for the music was to express passages in Scripture using a wide range of textures that borders between jazz, symphonic, and jazz-rock while trying to maintain a balance between simplicity and sophistication. I’m sure listeners will hear the influences of certain artists like Bruford, Jean-Luc Ponty, Rush, and the Pat Metheny Group, but that’s fine with me because it’s part of my musical DNA. And I’m so honored and thankful to have a couple of my favorite artists that I admire say such kind and gracious words about my music. What a blessing!”

The Portland-based Allegra Drums artist and multi-instrumentalist, who has been hailed a “studio wizard” producing music and other artists since the early ‘90s, performed all the instruments along with producing and engineering the new album.

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