Day’s personal experiences demonstrate that social media is an important modern-day modeling platform

In years gone by, modeling was primarily for print media and the screen, but today’s modeling industry has been forever changed by social media, says model Brianna Day.

Brianna Day is a Minnesota-based model whose specialties include import autos, fashion, and lifestyle. Outside of being featured in events such as Hot Import Nights, various modeling events, and holding 55 sponsorships, she is also a social media influencer on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Her social media reach is well into the thousands on her pages alone, but when it comes to campaigns she’s participated in, the count goes far higher.

Social media is a major driver in traffic for brands in areas such as fashion, lifestyle, and fitness, and the content they post is crucial. Savvy brands seek out professional models and set aside large budgets for photography and videography. In fact, the highest paid models make hundreds of thousands of dollars per post.

Brands are constantly looking for the right modeling talent to represent their companies in campaigns, and this is a niche that Day says has been pivotal in her career.

“Shoppers are on social media 24/7, and the brands I work with know this. They know they need amazing content, because that’s what will determine their followers’ next moves. Those shoppers are either buying from them or someone else, and it’s my job to help them choose the brand I represent,” said Day.

Day has been a part of numerous paid and non-paid campaigns over the course of her career and has had a 100% satisfaction rate. That’s why she’s one of the most sought after millennial models right now. She’s currently accepting new clients for paid story and feed content, and Day even offers meetings over Zoom to help make sure she’s the right fit for a prospective client.

With thousands of profile hits on her pages alone every day, she’s helping brands boost revenue with modern social media strategies that yield the best return on investment. For more information on Day, including booking details, visit

About Brianna Day

Brianna Day is a Minnesota-based import, fitness, fashion, and lifestyle model and influencer.