Ronald Phillips offers interested customers a consistent long-term supply of raw or polished amethyst from Morocco.

Moroccan Copper recently gained access to a new mining license in Southern Morocco. In addition to being highly prospective for copper, this mining license contains a 7 km long vein of beautiful deep purple amethyst rock, crystals, and geodes.

Amethyst is a violet semiprecious gemstone and the most valuable quartz. From antiquity, it has been prized for its aesthetic qualities and healing properties.

Today it is used primarily in jewelry and decorative objects, as well as in the fabrication of luxury fixtures, tiles, and surfaces, with particular appeal to modern Feng Shui practitioners.

We can offer containers of raw amethyst or arrange to cut and polish amethyst slices locally. Potentially interested buyers should contact Ronald Phillips to discuss obtaining samples. We can offer serious customers a consistent long-term supply at whatever volume meets their needs.

Morocco is one of the world’s most dependable mining jurisdictions, offering excellent infrastructure for exports combined with a stable fiscal regime and consistently applied mining regulations.

For further information on amethyst sales, please contact Ronald Phillips or +1 973 699 4762.