The outbreak of the pandemic has been a watershed moment for businesses. It has forced them to re-evaluate their dependence on traditional brick-and-mortar models and embrace digital solutions. For many companies, adapting to the new normal has been a challenge. They have had to invest in new technologies and overhaul their processes.

But those that have been able to make the shift have emerged as leaders in their respective industries. LBS will now be able to help small to mid size clients adapt to the new normal by providing professional assistance transitioning into the digital market space. The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of having strong online platforms. Businesses that have been slow to embrace digitalization have found themselves at a disadvantage.

“Many Entrepreneurs and Executives have made the mistake of not diversifying into digital infrastructure. But it’s never too late. Nowadays with a great team, one can sort this out in no time” Somak Chakraborty C.E.O, LBS.