Celiveo 365 is the first ever print management solution featuring end-to-end Zero-Trust security.
All communication between client PC, printers and Cloud, is automatically verified, data encrypted with dynamic and user-specific keys, and print jobs data securely stored into Azure blob. Print jobs can be pulled from the Cloud using the employee card or an ID-Code on any corporate printer equipped with Celiveo.

Celiveo today announced the general availability of Celiveo 365, a plug-in adding cyber security and Zero-Trust-Access Cloud Printing to Microsoft Universal Print.

Thanks to the close cooperation between Celiveo and Microsoft, strong cyber-security and pull printing, MFP user authentication, and usage tracking is now available in Universal Print, without requiring any PC, gateway or service between printers and the Microsoft Cloud.

Celiveo 365 relies on true Zero-Trust-Access architecture where any network connection is considered hostile unless proven otherwise through certificates and PKI tokens.

  • Celiveo 365 allow you to quickly and easily move corporate printing to the cloud, reducing infrastructure cost without losing any print management capability
  • The Celiveo 365 portal allows to create Microsoft Cloud printers, discover local printers, install embedded printer agents, configure pull print, print rules and cost per page
  • As a plugin to Microsoft Universal Print, Celiveo 365 provides deep and clean integration into Microsoft 365 and fills the “print” gap with end-to-end strong cyber-security
  • Celiveo 365 removes all local print service, apps and server for printers and MFPs with Celiveo embedded agents
  • Print jobs can be released on corporate printers upon user card or ID-Code authentication
  • Celiveo leverages on AAD security groups to add granular user access control on MFP for copy, scan, fax, email and print functions
  • High Availability is available on most MFPs with embedded agent, to allow authentication and usage tracking for offline usage such as copy and fax
  • SaaS on Azure datacenters in the US, Western Europe and South-East Asia

Adding securing pull printing and MFP management with Enterprise-class Zero-Trust-Access is available in General Availability from the 29th of July 2022, first supporting HP Futuresmart models before other brands are added in the following months. It is coming from Celiveo and available today for Universal Print. For more details, please visit www.celiveo.com

About Celiveo

Celiveo is a Microsoft Gold Partner developing cyber security solutions to protect documents and printers while reducing cost and right-sizing printer fleets in mid-size to large corporations. The innovative aspect of Celiveo technology is to not leverage from any servers, it is fully distributed and developed to scale for companies with tens of thousands of printers and MFPs across the world, while also being easily usable by mid-size companies with a few dozen printers. Celiveo is available globally with regional support in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.