Doherty Associates, Inc. is excited to welcome a new principle into its manufacturing representation portfolio.

The highly experienced manufacturer’s representatives of Doherty Associates have officially partnered with MTI (Micro-Tronics, Inc.) and confidently expect significant success for the future of their business relationship.

Established back in 1988, Doherty Associates quickly became the nation’s gold standard for exceptional representation of original equipment manufacturers through expert consulting services, emphasizing scalability and driving success.

Over decades of working one-on-one with OEMs, Doherty Associates has established lasting and invaluable connections throughout many manufacturing markets. They’ve built their success through offering unparalleled expertise and connections that fuel the productivity and overall success of the manufacturers they take on for representation; MTI will be no exception.

Since its start in 1968, MTI has been a privately held, family-owned business striving to stay ahead and remain the preferred precision manufacturer for mechanical assemblies, cloth reinforced diaphragms, solid rubber parts, and complex machined components for the commercial, business, and military aerospace industries.

MTI’s professional approach and wide range of capabilities ensure reliable delivery of the highest quality parts on time and at a fair price.

By partnering with the experienced manufacturer representatives of Doherty Associates, Inc., MTI will be fully supported in all of its goals and advances towards growth within the market as it continues its high standards for quality production and customer satisfaction.

Doherty Associates, Inc. is proud to have once again expanded its original equipment manufacturers portfolio as well as its connections within such a highly competitive market.

To learn more about the expert manufacturer representatives of Doherty Associates, Inc., call (713) 829-4484.

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