For over ten years, Smith & Bradley has been creating American Made Swiss watches for men. The company started with a more traditional watch manufacturer look and feel. Their watch design and creative has slowly moved over the years, so the company decided now was the time for a creative refresh. Newer Smith & Bradley watch designs were more modern and updated, but the logo lagged behind. And the colors remained black and white, which is a very standard color for watch manufacturers.

“It’s past time for an update,” said Jay Allen, CEO of Smith & Bradley, “and we finally created a new logo and color scheme that we believe will take us forward over the next ten years.” The new logo and color scheme are also driving a complete overhaul of the Smith & Bradley website, which will relaunch in early August. The new site will help power the next leg of the DTC brand’s growth strategy. “We’ve taken another look at all aspects of how we go to market. And we’re excited to relaunch as the same Smith & Bradley but with an updated look and feel that better reflect the truth of our brand,” Jay Allen continued.

Early Smith & Bradley logos featured an overall shield design, but the watch logos featured an overlaid S&B logo. The new logo will be used across watch faces, new product launches and all marketing materials. It incorporates the early shield design, which highlights the tough, rugged aspects of Smith & Bradley watches. But it uses a new SB design and an updated brand font for the Smith & Bradley name. “Clean, modern and clearly focused on our target market,” is how the brand describes the new logo. They believe the new logo quickly communicates how tough and unbreakable they make their men’s watches.

In addition to relaunching their brand and website, Smith & Bradley is planning to release their first new watch since the pandemic began. A rugged field watch that is crafted to withstand the bumps and clashes that might happen when their customers are on the trail. The new watch is called their “Discovery series” and is planned for a mid-September launch. Smith & Bradley is planning additional new watches for the upcoming season.

About Smith & Bradley

American made Swiss watch manufacturer that crafts tough, unbreakable watches for men. Smith & Bradley was started by a law enforcement officer who needed a better watch on the beat. Now they manufacture mens dive watches, tactical watches and casual watches.