Divercity has utilized their AI and ML algorithms to dive deep into understanding the state of diversity in the tech industry. Revealing insight into how underrepresented ethnic minorities and women are by measuring the ethnic breakdown and job seniority level in the tech industry.

Divercity, an HR Tech startup focused on helping companies with their diversity and inclusion efforts, is challenging companies to take a closer look at the gender and ethnic disparities within their teams.

While general information about the representation of women in tech abounds, there is little data about the representation of women across job levels, or the representation of women of color across job levels. Data, however, is key to solving the diversity and inclusion problem in tech.

In an effort to bridge this gap, Divercity conducted a study on the representation of women in various tech subsectors. Divercity’s free report The State of Diversity In the Tech Industry gives detailed data about the representation of women in the industry as a whole, including the representation of women by:

  • ethnicity

  • job level

  • ethnicity and job level.

The report suggests there’s been significant improvement in the representation of women in the industry, especially in executive positions. However, there’s much more work to be done when it comes to the representation of Black and Latinx women, especially in executive positions.

While information on diversity in the industry as a whole is important, it’s clear that some companies are doing a much better job at representing women of all ethnic backgrounds, across various roles and job levels. The question is what those companies are doing differently, and what we can learn from them. Divercity’s study answers these questions.

As for the methodology of the study, Divercity randomly collected employee data from 100 randomly selected tech companies. They then utilized their Diversity Score, a tool powered by machine learning algorithms, to predict the ethnicity and gender of employees at these companies. Their report presents and analyzes the findings.

Diversity Score, which is free to use, is part of the company’s strategy for tackling the diversity problem in the workforce. Diversity Score samples a company’s LinkedIn or Human Resource Information System data and anonymously generates demographic predictions, in as little as seconds. Those predictions are then compared with national statistics on the rates of various ethnicities in the labor force and industry averages for each ethnicity in the US. Based on this data, the algorithms generate a score on a scale of 1 to 100 for the company, with higher scores indicating a greater level of gender and ethnic diversity.

About Divercity

Divercity is a leading diversity and inclusion platform that helps companies build a more inclusive workplace. We offer a suite of HR technology solutions from candidate sourcing, filtering, and outreach to AI-driven data analytics and recommendations. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry has positioned us to be a driving market force in ways that today’s tech-enabled workforce demands.

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