Owing to the superb chemical and thermal stabilities, ionic liquids are viewed as a kind of novel functional materials worthy of more R&D investment. In the structure of pyridinium-based ionic liquids, pyridinyl groups can be replaced at multiple sites. The pyridinium-based ionic liquid with only one active site replaced by another functional group is named the monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquid.

“The most commonly used monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids include n-octyl pyridinium bromide, n-hexyl pyridinium bis(trifluoromethyl sulfonyl)imide, n-hexyl pyridinium hexafluorophosphate, n-hexyl pyridinium tetrafluoroborate and others,” said one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry.

At present, dozens of monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids are easily obtainable at Alfa Chemistry, either to help facilitate relevant research or to support industrial manufacturing projects. Below is part of the list:

N-butylpyridinium chloride (CAS 1124-64-7), n-butylpyridinium hexafluorophosphate (CAS 186088-50-6), n-butylpyridinium bis((trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl)imide (CAS 187863-42-9), n-ethylpyridinium bromide (CAS 1906-79-2), n-butylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate (CAS 203389-28-0), n-octylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate (CAS 244193-52-0), n-octylpyridinium bromide (CAS 244193-52-0), n-octylpyridinium hexafluorophosphate (CAS 304680-36-2), n-octylpyridinium bis((trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl)imide (CAS 384347-06-2), n-butylpyridinium trifluoromethanesulfonate (CAS 390423-43-5), n-butylpyridinium bromide (CAS 874-80-6), n-ethylpyridinium tetrafluoroborate, n-ethylpyridinium nitrate, n-ethylpyridinium hydrogen sulfat, n-ethylpyridinium dicyanamide, n-ethylpyridinium bis((trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl)imide, n-butylpyridinium dicyanamide, and more.

In addition to monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids, Alfa Chemistry also supplies many other types of ionic liquids, such as pyrrolidinium-based ionic liquids, Si-C bond-containing ionic liquids, sulfonium-based ionic liquids, specialty synthesis based ionic liquids, polymeric ionic liquids and monomers, chiral ionic liquids, DABCO based ionic liquids, fluorescent ionic liquids, functionalized ionic liquids, guanidine-based ionic liquids, magnetic ionic liquids, etc. Please visit https://ionicliquids.alfa-chemistry.com/products.html to learn more or email us in case of any questions.

Prospects of Monosubstituted Pyridinium-Based Ionic Liquid Applications

As novel green organic solvents with excellent solubility and significant ionic properties, monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids are ideal choices to serve as extraction agents to purify various elements. Meanwhile, they are also widely used in the preparation of electrochemical sensors, especially as modifiers for electrodes. In addition, monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids can also be used as catalysts for chemical reactions or as a safe heating medium or as lubricants for bearings. Moreover, it should be noted that monosubstituted pyridinium-based ionic liquids can be used as electrolytes for secondary batteries by virtue of their high ionic conductivity.

About Alfa Chemistry

Ionic liquid has emerged as an intriguing modern material in science and technology. Having observed the great potential of ionic liquids, Alfa Chemistry now provides a full range of affordable, high-quality ionic liquids for scientists, allowing in-depth exploration of their unique and interesting properties. Recent advances and developments in the research field even show that ionic liquids might also help in developing new fuels. Via years of efforts, Alfa Chemistry’s scientists are determined to help developers solve challenges of ionic liquids in various applications, with a firm belief that partnerships will change the way the world innovates and bring new technologies at an accelerated pace.