Dominique Betts-Payne is a triple threat. She is a coach, speaker, and course creator. Known for her impactful group coaching program, teaching women how to take back their power and excel in business and life.

Dominique has a course named Trailblazer Unlocked. The waitlist recently opened, and is already selling out quickly.

Trailblazer Unlocked teaches women how to start, structure, and scale their businesses. The course covers proper formation, systems, automations, marketing, and helps people to avoid failure to launch. She tackles mindset in an innovative way, allowing her students to get record breaking results.

Dominique is committed to her clients and students, determined to make a difference in the lives of millions. She has a strong corporate background, where she excelled in the tech and financial spaces for well over a decade running USA & UK Companies. She gladly shares her knowledge with her clients and students. On top of all of this amazing hands on experience, Dominique is also highly certified, and has been trained by some of the top coaches around. She has a multitude of marketing certifications, life and business coach certifications. She is passionate about education, and believes all coaches should have a coach. She’s heavily invested in herself so that she can adequately pour out into her clients. Dominique Betts-Payne is astounding. Check her out at and

Trailblazer Unlocked

Dominique Betts-Payne




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