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Independence Day 2022 is here! This long weekend makes for a great occasion for families and friends to spend some time together, enjoy some fireworks, and have some fun. But if you’re an older adult who struggles with independent living or requires in-home care, Independence Day can bring up mixed feelings and may get in the way of fully enjoying the holiday.

The New York City-based senior home care provider, the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice award winner, cares as deeply about making seniors happy as they care about this great nation. As a country that respects its elders, it is important to remember that all Americans should be able to fully enjoy their golden years, no matter how old they are or what difficulties come with life as an older individual. Touching Hearts NYC believes that it is important for all people of America to be able to fully partake in the celebrations of this 4th of July and everything it has to offer without being hindered by their age or any disability.

Independence Day celebrations provide an important opportunity for seniors to stay connected to the communities around them and are an integral part of creating a healthy and full life. Touching Hearts NYC recognizes the importance of building social connections by helping seniors feel engaged with communities.  Its caregiver team will escort in-home care seniors around the NYC area to ensure seniors’ social needs are met. Whether it is a backyard 4th of July celebration with friends and family, a trip to Central Park for an outdoor summer celebration, or shopping, the 5-star rated Touching Hearts caregivers will help brighten Independence Day for in-home care seniors.

Some seniors who are less mobile may find it more comfortable to enjoy the 4th of July indoors. For seniors who are no longer in the best of health, or are dealing with memory disorders, there is a way to still feel like they are part of the celebration. Touching Hearts NYC’s professional caregiver team will help seniors with dementia stay connected by accompanying them to watch a favorite show or cook favorite dishes for the 4th of July celebrations. Or just spending some time together reminiscing about the past.

In addition to accompanying in-home care seniors to celebrate Intemperance Day, Touching Hearts NYC caregivers will provide valuable companionship throughout the summer when heat and sun exposure is becoming a challenge for doctor office visits, trips to the medical supplies store, or picking up prescriptions. Touching Hearts NYC’s professionally-trained caregivers will ensure seniors safely gain access to a cool, air-conditioned area for cooling down and resting.

“It’s important that elderly loved ones are able to feel safe and comfortable with 4th of July celebrations. After all, even the most active seniors can suffer from joint pain or exhaustion and other physical ailments, if they are living alone or without someone to help them,” said Craig Sendach, owner of Touching Hearts at Home NYC.

“As we celebrate Independence Day, we recognize that the challenges of aging and losing our independence are not just for the elderly alone. These challenges affect us all in different ways and our celebrations today are a reminder that Touching Hearts NYC has been helping NY seniors and family caregivers tackle those challenges head-on,” said Craig Sendach.

It is estimated that by 2040, up to 70% of people aged 65+ will have difficulty with daily activities such as dressing themselves or shopping for groceries. With this in mind, if you have an elderly loved one in your life, it may be the time to take advantage of Touching Hearts NYC’s professional and flexible in-home caregiver services to make this 4th of July long weekend a fabulous holiday to remember.

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About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area – Touching Hearts NYC offers in-home care to aging adults, seniors, and individuals living with medical conditions and disabilities at rates considerably more affordable than care outside the home. The agency is known for Non-Medical Home Care, Companionship and Homemaker services in New York City’s Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens, and Rockland areas. Its focus is on providing person-centered care to help those in need remain in their home, maintain the lifestyle they choose, and feel confident they will be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.