He finds inspiration from his instruments and continues to create enthralling musical blends.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.June 25, 2022PRLog — A Facebook discussion about today’s music or the lack thereof, in which I responded using the lyrics of ‘Jubilee’ by Touch: “We all a part of this great achievement, is we who make it what it is”. There is no doubt that there are differences between yesterday’s Vincy Music and today’s Vincy Soca.

There is a trend this year of including a dose of social commentary (yesterday) in the Power Soca Genre (today), as exemplified by ‘Mirror Dan’s’ ‘Mad Government’ and ‘Karbon Jamz’s ‘Hard Times’.  Today’s music includes yesterday’s sound that captures the young generation of today. And this follows closely on the remake of an old Classic, “The Little You Say’ by Harold ‘Ploomie’ Lewis. The Vincentian caught up with ‘Ploomie’ via The CTVIEW Saturday Show.

‘Ploomie’, bass player extraordinaire, an icon, undoubtedly was the most influential Bass Player/ Showman of the Seventies here in SVG. One can remember going to parties and fetes especially at a bouncing castle like (shaking floor) Peace Memorial Hall, not to socialize with the opposite sex but  simply to watch Ploomie playing the Bass behind his head or with his teeth while singing and dancing. Harold ‘Ploomie’ Lewis was a musical sensation to hear and see as he dominated the stage all over St. Vincent and the Grenadines, inspiring other musicians. This writer was not apologetic about disclosing that he copied his performance style in his successful stint as a Bassist/Performer on the Treasure Coast in Florida.

According to a Facebook posting, Harold I. Lewis aka ‘Ploomie’ was born in Curacao and raised on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. ‘Ploomie’ developed an interest in the Arts while in Secondary School.  Age 13 he began honing his skills in music, both in theory and in practice. When he embarked as a marketable Bass Player he found a place with the youthful Mastermind and would go on to be a founding member of ‘Revolution’.

What would become his major composition, ‘The Little You Say’, was the first written for the band Mastermind in 1974 but released in 1976 with the band Revolution. He recalled the trip to the Merrymen studios in Barbados and consultation with the Mighty Gabby that got the song registered with PRS, and helped it to reach number 2 on the British Charts.

His migration to the USA would land him backing gigs with likes of the Mighty Sparrow, Arrow, Singing Francine, Beckett, and shared performances with bands like The Meters, Three Plus One and Fab Five. He settled for some time as bass player with the Haitian band called ‘Strings’, touring Europe, the United States, and Caribbean.

Today, Ploomie resides in sunny South Florida where he writes, records, arranges, and masters in his private, home studio. His CD “I’m Coming Back” received air play on local radio stations in South Florida and the Caribbean.

A skilled musician who has mastered many styles of music plays both the bass guitar and steel drums and moves easily through genres of Pop, Jazz, Soca, Fusion, Reggae, R&B and his own sound which he calls “Modungo”. He continues to captivate audiences with his funky but smooth sound of his bass guitar, the exquisite sound of the steel drum, and his unique style of vocals.

He isn’t going anywhere soon!!!, for more information on Ploomie Lewis you can find him on https://www.facebook.com/PloomieLewis, or to book Ploomie call 954-439-2077