EMSD received the interim report on the cable bridge fire incident from CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


     The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) received the interim report submitted by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) today (June 24) in relation to the cable bridge fire incident on June 21.

     The EMSD has always attached great importance to the safety of power supply. The incident involved three sets of 132kV and nine sets of 11kV high-voltage cable, which is a rare case. The EMSD is very concerned about the incident. The EMSD acknowledged CLP’s investigation direction, restoration progress, repair work plan and the inspection of cable bridge of the similar design covered in the interim report. According to their report, the concerned cables were not under abnormal overvoltage and overcurrent conditions, and no cable joint was installed inside the bridge. The CLP Power last inspected the cable bridge in November 2021, and no site works was being carried out before the incident. The CLP Power is now conducting emergency structural reinforcement works at the exterior of the bridge in order to ensure safe access inside the bridge for conducting the investigation on the cause of the incident. The EMSD has urged the CLP Power to carry out the detailed investigation and submit a detailed report with the improvement measure within two weeks after the incident.

     Upon receipt of the notification from the CLP Power regarding the incident in the evening of June 21, the EMSD immediately mobilised staff to attend on site to assess the situation, and urged the CLP Power to restore power supply to affected areas and conduct remedial emergency repair works. After rearranging the power supply distribution in the district, the CLP Power restored electricity supply to all affected areas by around 8am the next day, and one set of the 132kV cables was restored to service at around 3am today. After the incident, the EMSD immediately requested the CLP Power to carry out special inspection on cable bridges of similar design. The CLP Power has already completed the inspections of the aforementioned bridges, confirmed that they are under normal and safe operation condition, and enhanced regular inspection to such facilities. The EMSD has also spot checked the inspection works of the CLP Power on the cable bridges and no abnormality was found.

     The EMSD will continue to investigate and monitor the rectification works of the CLP Power, and follow up the implementation of comprehensive improvement measures of the CLP Power to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.