The event is organised by GDB (Gatwick Diamond Business) in partnership with Storm12 and Roffey Park Institute and will be held on June 28th, 2022 at Roffey Park Institute, Horsham

“We are delighted to exhibit at Diamond Experts Market Place and look forward to meeting in person with existing and prospective clients” said Mark Cunningham, Sales Director at Tech Results Ltd. “Our flexible and affordable services are well-aligned to cater the growing IT infrastructure needs of small and medium businesses in the diamond industry”

In this workshop, David Lane will share what you need to do to protect your business from devastating cyber attacks. Learn how you can manage the real world risks, prevent data theft and avoid disruption.

Has your business had to deal with hacking, viruses or ransomware?

About 60% of businesses have had some kind of IT security incident in the last 12 months

In this short workshop you will learn:

* What are the cyber security risks in 2022 and why should you care?

* At the end of the short workshop you will leave with a very strong understanding of what you need to do to protect your business and what the REAL risks are and how to mitigate them.

* We work with businesses to drastically reduce the change of them being victims of a major cybersecurity incident.