Government announces list of eighth-cycle designated quarantine hotels


     The Government announced today (June 16) the list of the first batch of designated quarantine hotels (DQHs) for the eighth cycle of the Designated Quarantine Hotel Scheme (see Annex). The new cycle of the Scheme will run from August 1 to October 31, 2022.  The first batch of 62 hotels will provide about 23 000 rooms.

     A Government spokesman said, “The Government issued letters to some 2 000 hotels and guesthouses with valid licences on May 27 to invite applications for enlisting as DQHs in the eighth cycle.  Interested hotels must pass the inspection conducted by the Food and Health Bureau and relevant departments (including the Buildings Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the Department of Health) to ensure that the design, facilities and workflow of the hotels fulfil the infection control requirements.

     “A total of 62 currently serving DQHs (see Annex) are confirmed suitable to be DQHs under the eighth cycle of the Scheme after assessment, providing about 23 000 rooms of various types and rates for selection by arrivals in Hong Kong from places other than the Mainland and Macao.”

     The spokesman added, “The Government is still conducting assessments on other hotels applying for joining this cycle of the Scheme. Further announcements will be made when relevant work is completed.”

     The Government will update regularly the list of DQHs and their booking status on the thematic website;

     The Government fully implemented the DQH Scheme on December 22, 2020, requiring all arrivals from specified places to undergo compulsory quarantine at DQHs as a measure to further prevent the importation of COVID-19 cases and reduce contact between arrivals and the local community. The first to sixth cycles of the DQH Scheme have ended while the seventh cycle will end on July 31, 2022.