The album ‘G’Day G’Day’ is an album by O’Neill Fernandes. The Pop music artist from Perth is meticulous in his style and leaves no stone unturned.

Noranda, Perth Jun 15, 2022 (  – The album ‘G’Day G’Day’ is a tribute to Australian musicians by O’Neill Fernandes. A total of 20 covers made by the artist are to pay tribute to the Australian musicians and music bands that have enriched the culture of country music. The album is O’Neill’s fifth installment to show gratitude to the musicians of Australia whom he has admired since his childhood. He has covered some of his favorite tracks that have left lasting impressions on his mind. These songs are very popular across generations. Mainly influenced by the electric guitar, the songs offer very calm and soothing musical arrangements.

One of the songs from the tributary album that entices the ears and minds through pop and rock blended vibes is ‘I’m Coming Home (O’Neill Fernandes)’. The cover evolves naturally and creates a pop-rock arena that is impressive, emotive, and engaging. Another track that the Pop music artist from Perth has breathed life into is ‘Maxine (O’Neill Fernandes)’. His artistry is organic and honest in every respect. Completed with the modern and classic instrumental characteristics, the song has to power to connect with the song intrinsically. Apart from these two tracks, other songs like ‘Picking Up Pebbles’, ‘Mystify’, ‘I Love You Rebecca’, and others are loved and appreciated by his listeners.

His playing of the guitar transports his listeners to a lo-fi alt-rock realm. And the indie style increases the quality of his music and the passion for his craft in a hypnotic and rhythmic way. The more you listen to his covers, the better you realize his craftsmanship. O’Neill seems to have a deep understanding of instruments and their roles. The artist’s crafts are deeply moving and create an ethereal atmosphere in the mind of a listener. So, listen to the songs of the album ‘G’Day G’Day’ by O’Neill Fernandes. To know more about him, follow him on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel to not miss any updates.

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