“This book is mainly to help my fellow African artist who are struggling to find the right path on how they can generate more money using their talents,” Simon Rieber, whose real name is Simon Cosmas Michael, said.

“I have been in the digital art industry for almost 5 years now and I felt that the best way to reach out to my fellow artists would be to publish a book with guidelines on how they can become successful.”

Simon said the book would also provide tips on art marketing and sales strategies with a major emphasis placed on artist branding.

“A digital art career can be treated the same way as any other business. If you want to achieve your goals as a artist you need to understand that drawing and post on social media is not enough and you cannot be the best artist forever.

“So those artists who are serious about their future should know that branding is their ticket to working with corporates where there are many partnership opportunities.”

Simon Rieber, who is a founder of SR Media Services Tanzania, said many talented artist in Africa were in dire need of the right tools to help them navigate the industry.

“Lack of guidance has been a huge challenge for emerging artists,” he said. “Many of them have struggled because they don’t understand the importance of neither being under a management team nor who to approach for assistance.”

Simon said a hard-copy version of the book was planned to be released in English and Swahili.