Professor Elaine YK Chow from the Faculty of Medicine at The Chinese University of Hong Kong has received the “2022 Women’s Interprofessional Network of the American Diabetes Association Abstract Award” in the category of Clinical Diabetes, Epidemiology, and Diabetes Complications in recognition of her outstanding results and significant contributions in the SENSITIZE study and the whole field of diabetes research. The WIN ADA abstract award category of Clinical Diabetes, Epidemiology, and Diabetes Complications is an important part of WIN ADA awards, voted by WIN ADA Advisory Group, consisting of expert clinicians, scientists, educators, public health practitioners, and other diabetes professionals. It honours women who have made significant contributions to the diabetes research, clinical care, public health, education, and related areas worldwide. The award was presented to Professor Elaine on June 3, 2022.

Professor Elaine will present a clinical study called SENSITIZE, which explored the effects of dorzagliatin, the global first-in-class drug, glucokinase activator (GKA) at the ADA Annual Scientific Sessions. This study has been initiated by Professor Juliana Chan, an international endocrinologist from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, explored the effects of dorzagliatin on patients with recent onset T2D and glucokinase-maturity-onset diabetes of the young (GCK-MODY or MODY-2).

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