Theresa has released a book for youngsters that includes a comprehension learning aid for readers.


“I would highly recommend this book to educators and parents who enjoy reading to their children.” – Ms. Arnetta Rosen, 2nd Grade Educator.

“The Surprise Story of the Three Little Pigs at Thanksgiving” by Theresa Span will be displayed at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 24-27, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, USA.

In this modern-day tale, a wolf wants to borrow sugar from three pigs, and the story is recounted from his point of view. He attempts to persuade them that he isn’t the wolf they had read about because he isn’t the one that eats pigs.

Because of Oink’s Thanksgiving cooking, he recognized he was capable of eating pigs, but only after the scent of turkey wafted from his house.

It was his last chance to borrow a cup of sugar from an old buddy who had known him when he was a tiny feller. On the day of Thanksgiving, he visits the old man’s house, where he learns that he will be greeted with a surprise.

“Taking a classic like ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and bringing those pigs into the millennium wearing hoodies, and earrings, using cell phones, living in modern houses, and eating foods that children can relate to is very clever and entertaining. The Student Comprehension Guide earns a plus in my book; definitely, something I’ll use with my students.” – Mrs. Stephanie Randall, 3rd Grade Educator.

Interested to know more about the story? Purchase a copy of “The Surprise Story of the Three Little Pigs at Thanksgiving” by Theresa Span available at Covenant Books, and visit the upcoming ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022.

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“The Surprise Story of the Three Little Pigs at Thanksgiving”Author | Theresa Span

Genre | Children’s Book

Publisher | Covenant Books

Published date | October 7, 2019

Book Retail Price| $15.95


Theresa is a formal educator who’d enjoyed empowering students. At age seventeen, she had her first article published in the South Bend Tribune, “Voice to the People.” She received an undergrad degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Special Education. Theresa has a heart for writing and a passion for missions. She is a true visionary who enjoys writing and developing programs for the community.

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