The Bak Brothers story isn’t an uncommon one. Like many businesses in the United States, its story starts with a hard-working immigrant. Today, this family-run business is one of the area’s leading home remodeling companies.

Ben Bak moved his family from Poland to Chicago in the early 90s, meeting up with his younger brother Wesley, who already lived in the area. Upon arriving, Ben started working with a siding contractor and teaching himself English by listening to cassette tapes to and from job sites.

Ben and Wesley had a dream of working for themselves one day, and, realizing they had a passion for construction, they decided to take the leap and officially form Bak Brothers Remodeling in 1995.

Over the years, the two brothers made a name for themselves in the community, quickly building a client base and making connections with local homebuilders. By the late 90s, they had a Rolodex of clients and were starting to see their American dream come to life.

Soon after that, Ben’s son, Artur, began working on job sites with his dad and uncle when he was in high school. During college in the mid-2000s, Artur would occasionally work in the office doing data entry, invoicing, and other similar tasks like exploring how Google and Facebook could help grow the business. Though he planned to go to law school, working in the office made him realize that his passion was with the family business he’d helped with over the years.

Today, more than a decade after joining the business, Artur still runs the company that his father and uncle built, continuing their legacy as a family company that treats customers with care and respect at every turn.

“Above anything else, Bak Brothers cares about the customer experience and it shows with every project we do. That approach has really resonated with our customers, leading to our long-standing reputation within the community. I’m just so proud to be part of it,” explains Artur.

About Bak Brothers, Inc

Bak Brothers specializes in complete exterior and interior remodeling services, providing a wide range of products like James Hardie fiber cement siding. The company serves customers throughout the northern Chicagoland area. For more information, visit