Mr. President, it is always a great pleasure to meet you. Today we also participated together in another positive and useful Quad Summit.

The India-USA Strategic Partnership is truly a Partnership of Trust.

Our shared values, and our common interests in many areas, including security, have strengthened the bonds of this trust.

Our people-to-people relations and close economic ties also make our partnership unique.

Trade and investment between us is also expanding continuously, although it is still much below our potential.

I am sure that with the India-USA Investment Incentive Agreement between us, we will see concrete progress in the direction of investment.

We are increasing our bilateral cooperation in the field of technology, and also strengthening mutual coordination on global issues.

Both our countries share the same perspective about the Indo-Pacific region and are working to safeguard our shared values and common interests not only at the bilateral level but also with other like-minded countries. Quad and IPEF announced yesterday are active examples of this. Today our discussion will impart greater speed to this positive momentum.

I am confident that the friendship between India and USA will continue to be a force for good for global peace and stability, for the sustainability of the planet, and for the well-being of mankind.

DISCLAIMER – This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister’s remarks. Original remarks were delivered in Hindi.



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