“Empowerment Publishing is how I always envisioned publishing should be: not only does the author maintain 100% of the rights to their work, but they also get to recoup 100% of their net royalties, and retain full creative control over their vision for their book and message,” said Lauren Eckhardt, Founder & CEO of Burning Soul Press. “Traditional publishing houses can take up to 90% of an author’s net royalties, and since they own the rights to the author’s book, often make or demand edits to the storyline and make decisions against what the author envisioned for their book, such as their book cover design. We want to put an end to that.”

Instead of publishing under a publishing house’s name, through Empowerment Publishing, an author is able to develop their own brand, which is a great option for authors who want to do more with their book than just get sales. Authors can publish all of their books and works under their own brand, but also publish the works of other aligned authors under their brand, too. The best part, is through Burning Soul Press, authors can leverage the power and industry expertise of an established publishing team but publish their book under a name and logo that speaks to their personal passion and purpose as a writer.

Burning Soul Press is a champion of the belief that everyone deserves to share their story. When authors are given the chance to publish their work under their own brand and imprint, the author maintains full creative freedom. Empowerment Publishing is the newest way Burning Soul Press is helping authors leave a lasting impact.

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