The Knowledge Group, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Absolute Software executives John Knopf, Senior Vice President Secure Access Product Management and Jason Short, Vice President of Product Management will speak at its webcast entitled, “The Zero Trust Approach: A Comprehensive Guide on Leveling Up Your Cybersecurity Programs.”

The looming threat of cloud and network security risk exposures has compelled organizations to actively bolster their data systems and cyber resiliency now more than ever. In response to the growing ineffectiveness of network perimeter defenses, businesses have increasingly turned to a “Zero-Trust approach” to strengthen defenses against sophisticated cyber-attacks. Zero-Trust is a rising security model that restricts access control to a wider environment by eliminating implicit trust, without sacrificing performance and user efficiency. In a recently issued executive order, President Biden endorsed Zero-Trust as the blueprint for a more secure future, mandating the security architecture for all governmental entities.

While these developments present opportunities for organizations to level up their cybersecurity programs, businesses should be aware of the unique considerations that come along with implementing a Zero Trust model.

Tune in on May 24, 2022, as a panel of distinguished IT professionals organized by The Knowledge Group, provide a comprehensive discussion of the Zero Trust approach. Speakers will offer practical tips and strategies appropriate for businesses to manage security threats.

The webinar will cover key topics including:

Overview of the “Zero Trust” Security Model

Increasing Endpoint Security Visibility and Control

Practical Tips and Strategies

Bolstering Cybersecurity with the Right Zero Trust Approach

Current and Emerging Trends

To learn more about this event, please visit here:

About Absolute Software

Absolute Software is a leading provider of self-healing endpoint and secure access solutions, delivering truly resilient zero trust for today’s distributed workforces. Absolute is the only endpoint platform embedded in more than half a billion devices, offering a permanent digital connection that intelligently and dynamically applies visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to endpoints, applications, and network connections – helping customers to strengthen cyber resilience against the escalating threat of ransomware and malicious attacks. Trusted by nearly 16,000 customers, G2 recognized Absolute as a leader in Zero Trust Networking and Endpoint Management in the Winter of 2022.

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