¬†Elevate Home Group (Dallas, TX) has joined Austin-Based Startup Epique Realty, and team members Kristi Sims and Sarah Ratcliffe are excited to use Epique’s many tools to build their business and attract more clients.

Epique Realty made waves as the first Agent-Owned and Operated Tech-Brokerage in Texas, disrupting a 150+ year-old industry run by Brokers in an environment known historically for it’s stubbornness to fundamental change. Epique offers agents ownership in the company and a suite of powerful marketing and business-building tools that Elevate Home Group will put to good use. With Epique’s help, Elevate Home Group will be able to expand their reach, attract more clients, and close more deals in the Greater DFW Area and beyond.

Elevate Home Group is a team of experienced real estate professionals led by Kristi Simms and Sarah Ratcliffe, who are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients. With Epique Realty’s support, they will be able to take their business to the next level.

“We are excited to welcome Elevate Home Group to the Epique family!” said CEO Joshua Miller in a statement. “Their team has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we are confident they will be a valuable addition to our company.”

Epique Realty is committed to helping its clients succeed. We are proud to have Elevate Home Group as part of our team and look forward to helping them grow their business.

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