The first molecular beverage printer brand, Cana, is recognized for its innovative technology and forward-thinking brand platform


Redwood City, CA (May 10, 2022) — Cana, creator of the world’s first countertop molecular beverage printer, today announced it has been named Best Technology Innovation winner and was a finalist for Best New Brand by InnoBev. These designations reinforce Cana’s mission to disrupt and decentralize the beverage manufacturing industry with a more sustainable and innovative option for consumers.

Cana was awarded the ‘Best Technology Innovation’, recognizing Cana One’s scientific and technological breakthrough for drastically reducing the waste created per beverage while increasing the personalization and convenience for the consumer. In analyzing thousands of drinks, Cana has successfully identified and determined a unique set of molecular compounds that give each drink its particular taste and mouthfeel. Cana’s proprietary cartridge is filled with these universal compounds and the Cana One device can create thousands of drink variations at the touch of a button on the device or app. Users can print their beverage of choice using a precise amount of compounds in the cartridge combined with tap water and adding in customizable levels of carbonation, alcohol, sugar, supplements and vitamins as desired.

Cana’s technology entering the market means that instead of contributing to the beverage industry wasting trillions of liters of water and emitting millions of metric tons of CO2 every year, consumers can enjoy their favorite drinks without any waste.

As a finalist in the “Best New Brand” category, Cana has proven its unique approach to solving the waste problem in the beverage industry. Every year, 400 trillion liters of water are used to produce the ingredients used to create drinks, and 543 million metric tons of CO2 are emitted to package and ship them worldwide. Beverage manufacturers use a trillion containers every year, with only 20% recycled by the end consumer. Recognizing this massive issue and working diligently for the past 3 years to develop a solution, Cana launched out of stealth in February 2022 to eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles and cans through its revolutionary device, Cana One.

The appointment also reflects Cana’s dedication to crafting a custom experience for each of its customers to enjoy the freedom of ultimate personalization. Cana One provides its users with a wide range of benefits, from creating “better for you” versions of their go-to drinks with less sugar or less alcohol to combining flavors, adding nutrients and finding new favorites. Its convenience and immediacy even eliminate the need to go to the grocery store with its on-demand cartridge delivered right to the doorstep. Cana One users can relax knowing that their household is preventing approximately 100 beverage containers from ending up in landfills every month.  

These accolades come on the heels of a landmark year for Cana as they began taking reservations for the Cana One device in March. Since then, the company has received thousands of reservations for the device. There is still time to lock in your order for a $99 deposit at Cana expects the first shipments to go out in early 2023.

Cana invites anyone who would like to put their existing beverages on their platform or bring new drinks to market, to visit

About Cana: 

Cana is the world’s first molecular beverage printing business with a mission to change the way the world produces and consumes. Cana uses novel science and engineering to solve some of the world’s most complex food and beverage industry issues. Cana is based in Redwood City, CA, and is funded by The Production Board.