This book takes the reader on an inspirational journey to find hope and the comfort of healing. Truly a saga that can inspire anyone.

Award winning author Matt D. Talford  has announced the release of the second edition of:  From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story. The book is now available through The Publisher: Talford Arts LLC and Amazon.

This cheerful, friendly and heart warming drama offers many lively learning opportunities. The book takes the reader on an inspirational journey to find hope and the comfort of healing. From Fear to Faith, can be described as a compilation of essential and personal self help lessons that’s provocative as well as a heart warming drama that illustrates through multiple examples of how to never settle for less than exactly what it is that you need, and want, as well as the necessary steps to help you to emerge victorious, no matter what the circumstance!

This inspirational book is written in a style that had one reader say, “I thought I was reading a novel,” From Fear to Faith is not the typical memoir. When asked to describe the story, the author Matt calls it, “A saga that I hope will inspire everyone who reads it to take charge of their situation, and understand that fear in the negative produces negative outcomes, while faith in the positive brings about positive outcomes. Every individual has the power to create their own realities; they just have to believe in them!”

The Publisher: Talford Arts LLC, based in Rock Hill, SC, is pleased to announce that this second edition is now available at the publishers website and on Amazon in several formats:

• Paperback:  From Fear to Faith: A Survivor’s Story

• eBook on Amazon  Kindle Edition

• Apple iBooks:  Apple iBook

• Audiobook (Available at most audio-book retailers)

About Talford Arts LLC

Matt D. Talford is a full-time, five-time award-winning author of other books and publications, with aspirations to adapt several of His other ideas into published works. Matt’s journey as a full-time author began just a few months after ending a 23-year career in the health and technology sector and decided to walk away from a high-profile position and pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a full-time writer. According to Matt, His first book is in some ways, a reflection of a central theme of His life: overcoming great obstacles by exercising faith, patience and determination.

One of Matt’s other passions is problem solving and as he says “though I left corporate problem solving behind, problem solving has never left me” and Matt takes on those issues in his other books by spotlighting the idea “that to solve any problem—no matter how simple or complex—one must start by building a solid game plan”.

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Publisher: Talford Arts LLC, is based in Rock Hill, South Carolina