Wicresoft, a leading advisory, solutions, and operations company, has hired for a unique job position combining recruiting and business operations.

Tyler Fitzgerald joins Wicresoft as a Jr. Talent Sourcing and Business Specialist from Los Angeles, California. Previously a Business Development Representative with three years of experience, Tyler is ecstatic to be in this newly created position at Wicresoft. In this new post, Tyler will be creatively sourcing and connecting with candidates to generate interest and convert them into applicants. He will consider different ways to build talent pipelines and enable faster, smarter hiring decisions for Wicresoft staffing customers. Additionally, Tyler will work to build awareness and engagement within targeted candidate communities.

He has a passion for innovation and creative problem solving with a collaborative spirit and ability to partner with the right people to make it happen. Utilizing these skills, Tyler will work within Wicresoft’s Talent Acquisition Services department while also working closely with sales, operations, and marketing.

“Wicresoft is excited to welcome Tyler into our community of staff. We look forward to supporting him on his own professional development journey while a member of our team.”

-Paul Wills, Wicresoft Senior Director

Aside from his business aspirations, he also enjoys going to the beach and the movies and would love to own a French Bulldog one day. Welcome to the team, Tyler!

About Wicresoft

Wicresoft was founded in 2002 as a joint venture with Microsoft and has since grown into a leading advisory, solutions, and operations firm with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Learn more at: https://www.wicresoftinternational.com/