¬†Lifewit’s lunch bag can keep food and drinks cool or warm for more than 5 hours, thus providing users with fresh meals to benefit their health. With durable oxford fabric, these bags are water and dirt resistant. Besides, they can prevent liquids from leaking out of the container and soiling inside the bag, which will save the cleaning time.

“I love the size and look of this cooler! This is the perfect size cooler to pack a lunch/drinks for the beach or park!” one from the United State commented, “There are two mesh pockets on the side and a zip pocket in the front to keep phones and keys safe and dry. We are very happy with this cooler!”

These lunch boxes for adults and kids come in two colors, black and gray, and also in two sizes, 15 and 24 liters. The current prices on Amazon are $19.99 and $32.99 respectively.

For more information, search “Lifewit” on Amazon or visit https://amzn.to/3CTbTjx.

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