“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” – Lewis B. Smedes

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According to studies, forgiveness can help you live a healthier life by lowering your chance of heart attack, boosting cholesterol levels and sleep, and reducing pain, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and stress levels. Forgiveness comes with benefits. However, when an offense has reached a deep and sensitive part of our being, we find it hard to let bygones be bygones.


Barbara J. Murchison Grady knows this full well. In her book, “A Forgiveness Workbook,” she presents a book that helps people let go of past hurts and move forward through a holistic approach to forgiving.


Barbara became a Christian at sixteen. The book educates readers on the pitfalls that may offend and hurt, resulting in unforgiveness. However, she also presents a spiritual perspective that compels the readers to see the benefits of letting go of the hurt and releasing forgiveness. She explains that forgiveness is a process, and we have to undergo this process to heal completely.


“Many things can happen to a person in this life. A person can do many things during their lifetime. There are so many experiences, each with different dynamics and variables, that it is hard to contend with them. As a result of situations that have happened in your life, you may be struggling with what to do. You may wonder: ‘How can I escape?’ God has provided a way of escape for all His children. Sometimes you just have to forgive. There is a saying by Alexander Pope that goes like this: ‘To error is human, to forgive is divine.’ Talk to the Lord about it, and let Him handle it. That is the great escape,”  Barbara writes.


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A Forgiveness Workbook

Author: Barbara J. Murchison Grady

Publisher: WestBow Press

Published Date: July 17, 2019

Book Genre: Christian Books & Bibles › Christian Living


About the Author:


Barbara Murchison Grady accepted the Lord at the age of 16. Living the Christian life for 49 years. She has held many positions in the local church as a Sunday school teacher, and a Bible Training Institute teacher. She has had many opportunities to live out the scriptures. She retired from the State Government after 33 years of service, and currently resides with her husband in Lansing, Michigan.