Discovering hidden talents is depicted in Victoria James’ book that entices the readers.

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“I absolutely loved this book. It’s very inspiring, and it teaches everyone to go for their dreams… we all have gifts and talents. Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself.” – Stranda James.

“The Water Dancer” by Victoria James will be displayed at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books on April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, CA.

This story is about Zulaya, a hip-hop dancer who can control water with her dancing techniques. It will be a series that follows a high school student as she develops her abilities and capabilities. She will experience friendships, pain, and love along the journey. Because she struggles with not knowing where she belongs in this world, the character is relatable. I like that she isn’t this cool girl who has everything sorted out.

This story relates to the author as she once thought that she had no purpose in the world for not having talent. While she could not express her thoughts and feelings through words, she opted for music. Soon Victoria discovered that she was a natural at writing and cherished it throughout her life.

This does not relate only to Victoria but to all the people that are downed by not knowing what they are good at. It is never too late to discover talents.

“The Water Dancer” is a fantastic children’s book. Adults can benefit from it as well. It’s precisely what the world requires. This book teaches readers never to forget that humans are flawed beings. Also, keep in mind that everyone may achieve anything.

The mix of the story and the artwork will keep readers absorbed from beginning to end. It’s full of adventure, excitement, and life lessons that are simple enough for a young mind to comprehend.

The Water Dancer

Author | Victoria James

Genre | Children’s Mystery

Publisher | AuthorHouse

Published date | May 11, 2020

Anyone that is interested can get a copy of Victoria James’ “The Water Dancer” available at AuthorHouse and visit the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books 2022.


The Author’s name is Victoria James, and she is 29 years old; she has loved writing ever since she was a girl. There is nothing better than to be able to write it all down on paper when words seem to fail her. She has three beautiful children, Kai, Annalee, and August, that have only driven her to focus on her passion that much more. This will be Victoria’s third published book, and she is so excited to continue this journey and put more of her work out there for people to read and enjoy.