The Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes has offered another album ‘Born To Rock And Roll’ with twenty classic rock tracks covered by this instrumental genius.

Willetton, Perth Apr 11, 2022 (  – The brilliantly creative music artist O’Neill Fernandes has been exceptionally well-maintained when it comes to his musical formations. O’Neill’s enriching musical aura is something that all his fans embrace. The album ‘Born To Rock And Roll’ showcases his musical brilliance effortlessly. O’Neill has always been very keen and passionate about music since an early age.  This passion has moved O’Neill to immerse himself in the art in various forms i.e. Hi-Fi enthusiast, Mobile DJ, Musican and Producer. It is a very inspiring journey to observe his progression as a musician. 

The Pop music artist from Perth has a passion for music and he is now producing his favourite songs of his musical journey. This album ‘Born To Rock And Roll’ is another chapter in recording and producing his favorite songs. ‘Born To Rock And Roll’ is the title track and the lyrics of this song have some resemblance to O’Neill’s musical journey.

O’Neill Fernandes is from Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Some of the classic rock songs covered in this album are  ‘Roadhouse Blues’, ‘Just A Girl’, ‘Nothin’ But A Woman’, ‘Oh Boy’, ‘Sea Cruise’, ‘We Say Yeah’, ‘I’m Gona Be Warm This Winter’, ‘Why Did It Have to Be Me’, ‘Rave On’, ‘Singing The Blues’, ‘Cest la Vie’, ‘Long Cool Woman’, ‘Honky Tonk Woman’, ‘This Ole House’, ‘I Only Wanna Be With You’, ‘If I Can’t Have You’, ‘Ballroom Blitz’, ‘Rev It Up’, ‘The Cover Of The Rolling Stone’ to name a few. Follow him on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook.

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