For the author, there is more to life than glitter and gold, and one has lots to learn from and enjoy in life, particularly when getting lost.

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Catch the book display for “Easter: McEaster Valley” by Dr. Walter R. Hoge at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022.

Fancy a children’s book that both kids and adults could enjoy and reflect over everything that the natural world has to offer? Pick up then a copy of “Easter: McEaster Valley” (ReadersMagnet; 2020) by Dr. Walter R. Hoge.

“Easter: McEaster Valley” is a unique and earthy tale that is reminiscent of William P. Young’s “The Shack,” in that the author wrote it for his children. The storybook serves as a parable that there is more to life than glitter and gold and that sometimes, the places where one gets lost are exactly where they need to be.

Dr. Hoge started writing “Easter: McEaster Valley” when he was pondering life after the death of his wife. With lots of things on his mind, he felt the great need to write them down.

““I just sat down, started writing this book. I had all these thoughts about things that were important to me, how wonderful the life I had. I used to sit down, lie down with my kids, and I tried to get them to sleep. I would tell them stories about McEaster Valley… and I just hope they would fall asleep but they wouldn’t. It seemed like when I was telling stories, the ones they liked the best about McEaster Valley, and so I would make up these stories.

“I think what I was doing was really talking about how fortunate I have been in my life…”

Dr. Hoge hopes that his book will help readers find ways to get the most out of the natural world around them, maximize their life experiences with zest and positivity, and, more importantly, care for nature.

“I tried to show what my feelings were for the best of people and the best of life and doing things for the best of causes and also respecting the environment because it provides for us. There’s so many things we could do without damaging it. I think that’s the really basic theme of it.”

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“Easter: McEaster Valley” will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 208 for the 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 23-24, 2022, at the USC Campus, Los Angeles, CA.

“Easter: McEaster Valley”

Author | Walter R. Hoge, DVM

Published date | December 22, 2020

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Book retail price | $25.84

Author Bio

Walter R. Hoge received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from Purdue University before practicing small animal veterinary medicine at Camden Pet Hospital. Published in several scientific journals, “Easter: McEaster Valley” is his first book. A proud father to five grown children, he lives in San Jose, California.