“11 11: The Awakening Code” compiled a number of Christine’s brilliant analyses and associations of several conspiracy theories and enlightened how these could be viable in resolving the issues with which societies continue to grapple with.


Christine Nieto formulated an intriguing proposal of how the universe worked, accentuating on Einstein’s observation that the universe was written by God through numbers and thus patterns could naturally be found to interpret incidents. Christine discovered that when the last two digits of a person’s birth year were added to his age in 2011, the resulting number would be 111 for everyone. This brought forth the notion about the universe speaking to the people through the 11 11 synchronicities, which Christine had started to notice after the untimely death of her son. She further postulated that with enough number of people realizing the power of these 11 11 synchronicities (critical mass), there would be great awakening to the point where the current paradigm would be changed and the insanity brought by war and man’s inhumanity to other men would finally be eliminated.

Christine Nieto explored interesting insights on some of the most common subjects of human interest such as socialism, war, farming, legalization of plot, secret societies, and alien lifeforms. Christine then strategically connected them with pre-existing beliefs from other cultures or denominations, making sense of the propositions and bringing fresh ideas to the readers.

“11 11: The Awakening Code” reinforced the readers to think critically about the happenings around them and the world. Written in a light and conversational writing style, this book is an entertaining and inquisitive read as it sheds light on intriguing concepts and events and formulates interesting and sensible conspiracy theories for them.

“11 11: The Awakening Code” commenced from Christine’s personal experiences, particularly of going into an arduous journey of inquisition after the death of her son on 11 11, which acted as a trigger for her to begin seeing the 11 11 patterns everywhere. These 11 11 synchronicities that were analyzed by Christine were backed with evidence-based generalizations and erudite discourse, captivating the readers’ interest all throughout. She also introduces pictures of the murals she took at the very controversial DI airport which she says supports her theories. This book is a great read for those who are avid fans of conspiracy theories, secret codes, world events, socio-political issues, and alien lifeforms.

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11 11: The Awakening Code

Author: Christine Nieto

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: December 2021

Genre: Conspiracy and Spiritual

About the Author

Christine Nieto is a licensed massage therapist and energy worker who uses reiki and reflexology to help in the process of healing. She incorporates crystals in her treatments because they are formed in sacred geometric patterns. They have memory and are useful in many different technologies. She also makes use of the pendulum. She explains how the pendulum is based on the same principal as divining rods. They are both tools. Those that use divining rods are referred to as water witches or diviners. They are good at finding where water exists underground by using divining rods. She similarly uses the pendulum to find issues in the body and treat them with energy work. The author has a significant background in the medical field and has an Associate Degree in Applied Science. She has meditated for several years and believes that meditation enhances her healing abilities. She also believes that meditation has been instrumental in helping her to unravel this awakening code.