The author tells the story of how he and 30 of his colleagues left a Fortune 100 company to found businesses that helped transform the packaging industry.

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Dig into the stories of the people behind the technological advancement that changed the world.

Have you ever wondered why the world moved from glass and aluminum packaging to plastic packaging and, have you ever wanted to know the history behind PET plastics packaging? Dr. Tom Brady discusses the history of PET packaging and how he founded his company, Plastic Technologies, Inc., to help make all this happen, in his book “The Impact of Owens-Illinois on the World” (published by Amazon’s BookBaby; 2022).


Dr. Brady is one of the pioneers of the modern PET packaging industry. He began his career carrying out fundamental research on plastic packaging technology and led the commercialization of PET bottle technology at Owens-Illinois, before leaving to found Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) and six other packaging-related companies that have continued to lead the development and commercialization of PET packaging.


Over a period of 40 years, Dr. Brady and his colleagues have received more than 150 patents relating to PET packaging and recycling and “many of the products you buy every day are sold in plastic containers designed by one of our PTI companies,” he told Plastics News.


After graduating from the University of Michigan with a PhD in Plastic Materials Engineering, Dr. Brady joined Owens-Illinois, Inc. as a Senior Scientist in 1972, and just as the carbonated soft drink companies were asking their suppliers to create and offer family-size carbonated beverage containers, which required an industry-wide conversion from glass and aluminum to plastic.


As a result, and over a short 10-year period, Dr. Brady and his colleagues, along with other industry plastic package suppliers, created an entirely new industry to supply sustainable PET packaging to the beverage, food, and personal care product brand owners.


When Owens-Illinois began questioning its involvement in plastic packaging because plastic was beginning to impact its glass container business, Dr. Brady and many of his R&D colleagues who had helped to diversify Owens-Illinois’ business portfolio left the company to either start or operate other major businesses which helped to transform the entire packaging industry.


Dr. Brady wrote “The Impact of Owens-Illinois on the World” to capture the stories of those former O-I employees who, without competing with Owens-Illinois, have employed their talents to create or nurture many dynamic and successful business enterprises. Dr. Brady wrote his book to recognize the significant contributions those former O-I employees have made to society, in addition to what they contributed during their careers at Owens-Illinois.


“Impact of Owens-Illinois on the World” by Dr. Tom Brady is available at the BookBaby bookshop.

Impact of Owens-Illinois on the World

Author | Dr. Tom Brady

Published date | January 31, 2022

Publisher | BookBaby

Book retail price | $27.09