The Global Investors Growth Summit has concluded on the 28th of March 2022, with an ongoing round of $ 100 Million funding closure pipeline for some notable startup founders. The biggest draw in the event was the brand showcase of several new age businesses that are expected to both generate the next Billion customers on-boarded from with Dubai as its Launchpad.

Industry Tracks at the 3-Day GIGS






Real Estate










GIGS Event Highlights


3 Days if Immersive Investor-Startup Networking


3 Nights of Premium Yacht Cruise Hosted Investor-Startup Connect


600+ Hours if Immersive Funding Brainstorming Sessions


45,000+ Online Channel Partner Outreach for Brand Pitches


300+ Industry & Product Categories Shortlisted



Action at the GIGS Funding Combinator and Connector Event:

Total Investor Partnership Offers




Funding Round Size and Range


$2 Million to $ 50 Million

More than $50 Million Rounds


7 Startup Companies Shortlisted at Event

Portfolio of Unicorn Potential Incubated Companies



Type of Rounds


Series A/B/C Funding

Total Fund Capital Combinator Opportunity


$5 Billion in Middle East


The Global Investors Growth Summit also known as GIGS is powered by Majestic Investments from Dubai under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla and CEO and Founder of the champions Group, Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni. The Platform has attracted close to 300 of top Middle East regions investors and overall global VCs who have found the perfect startup and product-market fit on this platform. The GIGS Dubai chapter has become a highlight for investors as well as ecommerce, D2C and Technology founders to connect and take new world-changing ideas to fruition.

Speaking about the outcomes that modern, digital product creators and entrepreneurs get on this forum, CEO of Champions Group, Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni says, “This is where some of the world’s next unicorn founders are getting the opportunity to showcase products to serious investors. The forum brings investors with a proven ability to introduce new product offerings in the Middle East Region and also go international with Dubai as the focal point of growth.

He goes on to add, “For investors and channel partners who are eager to introduce new product offerings, this forum has opened the floodgates of entrepreneurs who are raring to make it big on an international level playing field.”

Over the course of this three-day investor and business connector networking event, a combined $5 Billion Funding plan was unveiled for startup founders, tech innovators, ecommerce & D2C business owners and MNCs looking to expand and be a part of the rapidly growing Middle East region’s growth story.

Giving an inside view of the support for entrepreneurs and founders, the Chief Go-to-Market Team Mentor and Co-founder of Champions Group said, “If funding is the stepping stone to success, you also need world class growth teams who can generate the business interest in your product and attract local channel partnerships for your brand. The future will belong to those who are able to combine their brand offering in a metaverse of hyper-personalized experiences that bind both online and offline marketing. This is where the GIGS accelerator makes a difference to entrepreneurs and founders by helping them launch personalized brand experiences with complete data-driven marketing and agency experience.”

Through the GIGS platform, founders not only get funding but also get to kickstart their onwards lead generation and full-performance marketing & advertising and online launch journey. A key value to founders – Get Funding, Get Strategy, Get Growth Teams has therefore drawn interest from diverse industry innovators and new startup leaders. This end-to-end support with database is a much needed fuel for growth that entrepreneurs and founders require so badly and is fulfilled at the one-stop-shop funding cum scaling Launchpad of GIGS.