Acting SHA inspects anti-epidemic service bag distribution centre (with photos/video)


     Fighting the virus is Hong Kong’s most pressing mission. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government will start distributing anti-epidemic service bags to all households in Hong Kong from April 2 with a view to effectively meeting the public’s anti-epidemic needs. The preparation is being implemented at full steam under the lead of the 18 District Officers. By mobilising civil servants and gathering support from different fronts, preparation work for packaging and distributing millions of anti-epidemic service bags will soon begin. The Acting Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Jack Chan, today (March 29) inspected materials and the venue setup at a distribution centre for anti-epidemic service bags in Causeway Bay Community Centre to ensure the smooth commencement of relevant work.

     Mr Chan said, “Being deeply concerned about the epidemic situation of Hong Kong and the well-being of the Hong Kong people, the Mainland has fully responded to the HKSAR Government’s requests for its assistance in fighting the epidemic. We are thankful for the Central Government’s co-ordination on the procurement, production and logistics of various anti-epidemic supplies. This has enabled the HKSAR Government to obtain the anti-epidemic supplies in a timely manner and ensure ample supplies for every Hong Kong citizen.”

     Mr Chan said that due to the huge manpower required for packaging and distributing anti-epidemic service bags, the civil service team is providing active support. Colleagues from 13 bureaux and their family departments, as well as the Department of Justice, are participating in this task. The HKSAR Government has mobilised all possible manpower and volunteers to join hands with the civil service team to carry out the relevant work. Apart from packaging work, the Government will set up 130 distribution points in the 18 districts to carry out the ensuing distribution work.

     To ensure a smooth packaging process for the anti-epidemic service bags, the Home Affairs Department has produced a demonstration video so that participating civil servants and volunteers can fully understand the division of labour, procedure and steps in packaging.

     He said, “We have seen an overwhelming response from different sectors in organising volunteer teams. Over 17 000 volunteers have been recruited through the members of the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong Community Anti-Coronavirus Link, the Anti-Coronavirus Link of 18 districts, over 230 local organisations and non-government organisations, clansman organisations, charity groups, volunteer and uniformed groups, religious groups and ethnic minorities groups. They have provided more than 40 000 volunteer work days for packaging and some 27 000 volunteer work days for distributing bags.

     “The work of distributing the anti-epidemic service bags fully demonstrates the spirit of concerted co-operation among the Government, all sectors of the community and the public in fighting the epidemic. We again express our gratitude to the country. We firmly believe that with the staunch support from our motherland, as long as Hong Kong citizens are united in one heart to fight the epidemic, Hong Kong will definitely win this battle.”