HAD “Special Caring Delivery Team” follows up promptly on urgent cases for persons under home quarantine (with photos)


     The Home Affairs Department (HAD) has taken over and launched home delivery service to confirmed patients or close contacts who need to stay at home (hereinafter as “persons under home quarantine”), but cannot make their own arrangements for daily necessities and food since March 14. The service now covers all 18 districts across the territory. The HAD said today (March 27), as at yesterday (March 26), HAD has delivered more than 60 000 necessity packs to over 20 000 families in need.

     The Acting Director of Home Affairs, Miss Vega Wong, expressed that as the workload was tremendous, apart from civil servants, HAD had also mobilised resources from district organisations and commercial deliveries in order to provide the service quickly and nicely.

     In addition, the 24-hour “StayHomeSafe” hotline receives urgent requests from time to time for help on food and daily necessities from persons under home quarantine. To help these cases, the HAD and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department under the same family of the Home Affairs Bureau have mobilised its civil servants recently to form the “Special Caring Delivery Team” to specifically handle these urgent cases, such as persons with chronic diseases, disabled and singleton elderly as well as families with children, without food at home, etc. The “Special Caring Delivery Team” will follow up immediately after receiving these cases, and will expeditiously deliver necessities to them, in order to handle these urgent cases received at daytime on the same day or urgent cases received at nighttime on the following day’s morning.

     Miss Wong joined the “Special Caring Delivery Team” formed by civil servants yesterday to deliver food and daily necessities to two needy families with elderlies with impaired mobility and children in the Hong Kong East District. 

     Miss Wong said, “HAD would continue to endeavour to deliver the ‘StayHomeSafe’ hotline and Home Support Supplies Delivery Service nicely, in order to provide appropriate anti-epidemic support to persons under home quarantine who have genuine needs, and to arrange the ‘Special Caring Delivery Team’ to provide speedy help and care to urgent cases.”