TV presenter and practising NHS GP Dr. Zoe Williams challenges how women over 35 are treated in pregnancy on Natalie Anderson’s, The Capsule, podcast. She talks through the challenges pregnant women over 35 face and how this impacted her and how she took control of her own birthing journey.

Zoe claims, “Your biological age might not fit with your chronological age”.

The 41-year-old Mum to Lisbon, explains that major decisions around pregnancy and birth are made based on a person’s age and not the individual in question. She herself felt a lot of pressure to be induced before her due date and that decision was made purely on her age not on any factors indicating baby was in danger. She felt privileged that as a GP she could look into and understand the data but still had to “pitch” her argument to her doctor against been induced if she went past her due date. She believes the way the data is correlated and the pressures put on women over a certain age need to be readdressed.

The full episode is available to listen from Sunday 27th March, 8pm on major podcast platforms Spotify, Apple and Google or here