Clinical PURSUIT has leveraged Enterprise Solutions to optimize data integration and flow in their Electronic Data Capture Software (EDC). Enterprise Solutions use privately hosted server environments with redundancy for data storage, making it easier to organize data access and operations management.

By incorporating their advanced enterprise solutions into their EDC software, Clinical PURSUIT has converted its EDC into an EDC-CTMS (Clinical Trial Management Software) hybrid. The reason is that the software can now access trial schedules, drug supply information, treatment plans, etc., match them to data capture, and automatically update fields with relevant information.

These intelligent data transfers and updates allow researchers to generate trial reports and analytics with a single click instead of manually organizing information to achieve the same results.

About Clinical Pursuit

ClinicalPURSUIT ( has been in the industry for over 20 years and is renowned for its innovative clinical trial data management and patient registry solutions. It has a diverse team of experts who leverage its competencies to develop multi-dimensional technological solutions for clinical trials.

Their clinical trial management solutions have user-friendly interfaces, simplified dashboards, and consolidated data controls, enabling researchers to spend less time on routine tasks. It makes the clinical trial run efficiently and gives researchers more time to consider alternate approaches for developing treatments.

– Rapid Study Development

– Streamlined EDC Data Management

– Intelligent Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

– Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePro)

– Enterprise Clinical Electronic Data Capture

– Patient Registry

Significance of Enterprise Clinical Electronic Data Capture

Clinical trials gave three key areas that require data optimization:

– Data Capture

– Data Management

– Drug Supply Management

Clinical EDC software was initially designed to manage only data capture. However, the Clinical PURSUIT team has used creativity and innovation to make their EDC a hybrid system that contains all three features for clients who need such solutions.

Their Enterprise Clinical Electronic Data Capture connects their data capture software to trial management software, thus optimizing data monitoring. The system automatically updates relevant categories after capturing treatment response data, making it easy for researchers to monitor and manage trial updates from a single dashboard.

This simplified control makes the process significantly efficient and reduces the time it takes researchers to conclude trials.

Company Contact Information

ClinicalPURSUIT offers clinical trial management and data management solutions to organizations involved in clinical research. More information about the business is available on their website ( can also be made by emailing or calling 877-791-4367.


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