Las Vegas PMU advertising agency encourages PMU artists to take advantage of increases in clients seeking beauty treatments ahead of spring and summer travel plans for family reunions, vacations and weddings.

Since its founding in 2018, Highstoke has grown to be a leader in advertising for beauty professionals and permanent makeup artists nationwide. Focused on supporting permanent makeup artists and helping them expand their client base and fill their schedules, they encourage pmu artists to begin advertising ahead of the spring rush. Well-acquainted with industry trends, Highstoke believes that skilled professionals who invest time and energy now to reach clients in the market for their services this spring will reap the benefits.

Founder and CEO of Highstoke, Danny Tran, did not anticipate working in the beauty industry. However, his entrepreneurial nature and marketing skills led him to uncover a need for proven strategies to market beauty services. Highstoke fills this gap, helping skilled artists book more appointments, which allows them to focus their time and attention on their craft. Globally, they have helped hundreds of PMU clients reinvent their business and thrive.

“PMU artists should dedicate time to their PMU advertising strategy throughout the year,” remarked Tran. “However, artists who are not advertising this spring may miss the opportunity to grow their business significantly. Many potential clients are preparing for weddings, reunions and beach vacations, possibly with people they haven’t seen in years due to the pandemic. Understandably, they want to look their best, and PMU treatments can offer them exactly the look they want.”

The only PMU growth partner that offers assistance with marketing and sales for their clients, Highstoke aims to relieve clients of the stress associated with filling their schedules. For artists who want to learn more about advertising their own services, Highstoke recently launched their Highstoke Society. This community, built for PMU artists by PMU artists, teaches ambitious beauty entrepreneurs how to use branding, advertising, and sales to grow their businesses effectively.

“The goal with Highstoke is really to partner with top artists and help them move to a model where they don’t have to worry about what type of PMU marketing will fill the gaps in their schedules,” stated Tran. “We take care of all of that, working closely with them as a partner to make sure they stay busy doing what they love and do best.”

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About Highstoke Media

Highstoke Media is a global multi-million dollar marketing partner impacting the lives of thousands of PMU artists around the world. They aim to help worldwide PMU artists build their dream business so they never have to worry about new clients again, while helping them serve more people and impact their community.